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import logging
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import pyproj
import xarray as xr
from scipy.spatial import cKDTree
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
url = ''
# using the powerful xarray library to connect to the opendap server
ds = xr.open_dataset(url)
lat = ds['latitude'][:]
lon = ds['longitude'][:]
time_values = ds['time'][:].values
dt_time = pd.to_datetime(time_values)
wind_speed = ds['wind_speed'].load()
except Exception, e:
logger.error('Error in reading wind speed data', exc_info=True)
# in reality geo_object_list is list of power tower objects with coordinates
geo_object_list = []
def geo_object_coordinates():
return None
# collecting x,y coordinates for power towers
line_cartesian_positions = [
(x, y) for geo_object in geo_object_list for
(x, y) in geo_object_coordinates(geo_object)
target_points = map(lambda x_: [x_[0], x_[1]], line_cartesian_positions)
projection = pyproj.Proj(
"+proj=utm +zone=33 +north +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs"
# setting up model tree
lon2d, lat2d = np.meshgrid(lon, lat, sparse=True)
utm_grid = projection(np.ravel(lon2d), np.ravel(lat2d))
model_grid = list(list(zip(*utm_grid)))
# finding nearest point in model grid for all power towers
distance, index = cKDTree(model_grid).query(target_points)
y, x = np.unravel_index(index, lon.shape)
wind_speed_array = wind_speed.isel(x=xr.DataArray(x), y=xr.DataArray(y))[:, 0, :].values
# setting up pointers to geo_object_list
start_ids = [0]
start_ids.extend([len(geo_object) for geo_object in geo_object_list])
start_ids = np.cumsum(start_ids)
# creating dictionary of wind speed pandas dataframes
# each dataframe consists of as many column as there is power towers for the line
wind_speed_dict = {}
for i, geo_object in enumerate(geo_object_list):
wind_speed_dict[geo_object.object_id] = pd.DataFrame(
wind_speed_array[:, start_ids[i]:start_ids[i + 1]],
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