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AngularJS2 / Ionic2 : ImageCache Directive to use with imgcache.js
import { Directive, ElementRef, Input } from '@angular/core';
declare var ImgCache: any;
selector: '[image-cache]'
export class ImageCacheDirective {
constructor (
private el: ElementRef
) {
// init
ngOnInit() {
this.el.nativeElement.crossOrigin = "Anonymous"; // CORS enabling
ImgCache.isCached(this.el.nativeElement.src, (path: string, success: any) => {
console.log('path - '+ path);
console.log('success - '+ success);
if (success) {
// already cached
console.log('already cached so using cached');
} else {
// not there, need to cache the image
console.log('not there, need to cache the image - ' + this.el.nativeElement.src);
ImgCache.cacheFile(this.el.nativeElement.src, () => {
console.log('cached file');
// ImgCache.useCachedFile(el.nativeElement);
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gsthina commented Nov 24, 2016

Do we have to overwrite this file to or just adding your file to our ionic2 project is sufficient!?

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guyaloni commented Feb 15, 2017

I had the same problem as @ChristianBruno.

I tried adding imgcache.js with:
npm install imgcache.js --save

Then instead of:
import ImgCache from 'imgcache.js';
I used
import ImgCache from 'imgcache.js';

Now the application runs, but the cache feature doesn't work :-(
I have an dynamic image which is generated with timestamp inside it, in order to check the cache (with php imagecreate).
If I add a delay (sleep(10) for example), the image in not shown till the delay is finished.
And if I remove the image from server, I get a broken-image-url symbol...

Some helpful information:
In ImageCacheDirective I added a concole.log message on the beginning of ngOnInit. I get to see it.
However, the log messages on the beginning of the ImgCache.isCached callback are not shown - callback is not called.

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alshdotme commented Feb 28, 2017


Create a file called declarations.d.ts file and inside this add

declare module 'imgcache.js';

Then in your component add

import ImgCache from 'imgcache.js';

Sorry if you've already done this, I got a hunch you might have not.

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mm580486 commented Sep 27, 2017

hi thanks for this code
how to use this code on api call ? not problem ?

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smkamranqadri commented Oct 2, 2017

Cross-origin error :-(

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