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Created Oct 22, 2012
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(17:57:09) nx-: nickvergessen: etc.
(17:57:21) nx-: is the default behavior same with and without the patch?
(17:57:31) nx-: is every user able to do everything they were able to do before?
(17:58:17) igorw: nickvergessen: I'm refering to
(17:58:57) nickvergessen: nx-: Iirc i just changed the behaviour for newly registrated group
(17:59:12) nickvergessen: igorw: well the missing ; is not
(17:59:16) nx-: so then the answer would be you changed behavior
(17:59:27) nickvergessen: and the rest i changed for consistency and as its all new code
(17:59:40) igorw: nickvergessen: gotcha :)
(17:59:52) nickvergessen: nx-: i will have a quick look
(18:01:21) nickvergessen: nx-: behaviour is changed, but the permission is copied from u_sig (signature permission)
(18:01:49) nx-: ok
(18:01:53) nx-: 1. you have a misleading pr
(18:02:02) nx-: as you did two things
(18:02:08) nx-: a) add permission and b) change default behavior
(18:02:16) nx-: you need to state that you changed default behavior
(18:02:25) nx-: i asked for this in the ticket and did not receive a clear answer
(18:02:29) nx-: now i will paste this log there
(18:02:41) nx-: 2. if you return to existing default behavior i will merge the pr
(18:02:48) nickvergessen: i answered this question about three times here to you :P
(18:02:50) nx-: i.e., add a permission only without b)
(18:03:12) nickvergessen: well default would be grant the permission to everyone
(18:03:23) nickvergessen: and then the spam protection issue is gone again
(18:03:42) nx-: make an rfc for behavior change
(18:04:21) nx-: i am giving you my viewpoint on this
(18:04:38) nx-: personally i am not convinced this restriction needs to be put in place for all boards
(18:04:46) nx-: two things annoy me greatly
(18:05:03) nx-: actually it's one thing
(18:05:12) nx-: 1. vbulletin requiring registering for viewing attachments
(18:05:30) nx-: the forum is public, the topic is public, thumbnails are public but if you want to see the whole thing you have to register
(18:05:36) nx-: and now with bugmenot shut down it's even worse
(18:06:04) nx-: the second thing was phpbb requiring registration to view profiles, now that i'm thinking about it it's really insignificant compared to vbulletin attachment issue
(18:06:10) nx-: point being
(18:06:23) nx-: i won't add additional restrictions without clear consensus that this is what everyone wants
(18:06:31) nx-: consensus being an rfc
(18:06:35) nickvergessen: well this permission is for adding content to the profile fields, not for viewing
(18:07:27) nx-: there is little point in arguing with me over this
(18:07:57) nx-: if your viewpoint is shared by most/all admins it should be trivial to get a significant agreement in an rfc topic
(18:08:37) nx-: also, you can change the pr to keep existing behavior and open an rfc for behavior change only
(18:08:56) nx-: rather than waiting to change pr until rfc is agreed to
(18:08:59) nickvergessen: so you want 2 one-liners
(18:09:10) nickvergessen: really...
(18:09:13) nx-: hm?
(18:09:16) nickvergessen: i make a rfc okay
(18:09:26) nickvergessen: but im not going to do anything regarding splitting
(18:10:13) nx-: +1 for implementing this permission, unsure about not granting it by default for newly registered users.
(18:10:21) nx-: right there you have +2 and -2 on the behavior change in the ticket
(18:11:01) nickvergessen: +2 -1 and one unsure
(18:11:14) nx-: even that doesn't exactly appear cut and dry to me
(18:11:47) nx-: and again, my concern was with custom fields
(18:11:58) nx-: my impression is admins can add fields to be filled out during registration
(18:12:23) nx-: this permission makes it impossible for users to edit said fields once they register before they are placed out of newly registered group which could take days
(18:12:37) nx-: or even longer
(18:12:46) nx-: could take forever if their post is never approved
(18:13:02) nx-: now they are stuck with information they entered that they can't change
(18:13:15) nickvergessen:
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