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get latest 3 amazon-ecs-optimized amzn-ami with AWS-CLI and JMESPath Query
$ aws --region ap-northeast-1 ec2 describe-images --owner amazon --query 'Images[?Name!=`null`]|[?contains(Name, `ecs-optimized`) == `true`]|[?contains(Name, to_string(`2016`)) == `true`]|[0:3].[Name,ImageId,CreationDate,Description]' --output text | sort -rk1
amzn-ami-2016.03.g-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-058a4964 2016-08-11T22:26:29.000Z Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03.g x86_64 ECS HVM GP2
amzn-ami-2016.03.e-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-2b08f44a 2016-07-11T22:28:39.000Z Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03.e x86_64 ECS HVM GP2
amzn-ami-2016.03.c-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-095dbf68 2016-05-26T23:32:34.000Z Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03.c x86_64 ECS HVM GP2
# or check the page for latest AMI ID
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