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Create new record/ add new obj in Salesforce
ZKSObject *sfobj = [[ZKSObject alloc] initWithType:@"Your_custom_object__c"] ;
[sfobj setType:@"Your_custom_object__c"];
[sfobj setFieldValue:@"Air Conditioning System" field:@"Name"];
[sfobj setFieldValue:@"PAL-008" field:@"Service_code__c"];
[sfobj setFieldValue:@"Spot" field:@"Service_Status__c"];
[sfobj setFieldValue:@"a07M0000000FV5VIAW" field:@"child_of_another_custom_object__c"];
[[FDCServerSwitchboard switchboard] create:[NSArray arrayWithObject:sfobj] target:self selector:@selector(createObjectResult:error:context:) context:nil];
called when SF completed the request
- (void)createObjectResult:(NSArray *)results error:(NSError *)error context:(id)context{
if (results && !error)
for (ZKSaveResult *saveResult in results){
NSLog(@"saveResult: %@", saveResult);
else {
NSLog(@"Error : %@", [error description])//take care of error
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