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The pull request template for Woebot.

High-level description of change

Why you made these changes (how it helps us or our users)

Are there performance implications for this change?

REPLACE THIS: Please profile using time/timeEnd any potentially time-taking changes. Then profile using node profiler to identify what aspects take most time.

Have you added tests to cover this new/updated code?

REPLACE THIS: Remember to check the code coverage report for 100% coverage of your new code, or note if it's not needed

Risks involved

REPLACE THIS: Note anything that could go wrong. Good opportunity to think through edge cases

Are there any dependencies or blockers for deploying this?

REPLACE THIS: Note any branches that must be merged elsewhere, e.g.

How will you immediately test that it works for you/others?

REPLACE THIS: Describe how we can check this change works for the user from end to end, like what commands to run or logs to check

Does this change need a week-after QA by eng or content team?

REPLACE THIS: If so, note that here and schedule it

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