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NQP Error
+++ Installing MOAR stage 2 files locally
+++ Setting up nqp-m
Method NQP::Config::configure_misc must be implemented by the language class at /home/madeleine/sandbox/new_perl6/nqp/3rdparty/nqp-configure/lib/NQP/ line 520.
at /home/madeleine/sandbox/new_perl6/nqp/3rdparty/nqp-configure/lib/NQP/ line 35.
NQP::Config::__ANON__("Method NQP::Config::configure_misc must be implemented by the"...) called at /home/madeleine/sandbox/new_perl6/nqp/3rdparty/nqp-configure/lib/NQP/ line 520
NQP::Config::abstract() called at /home/madeleine/sandbox/new_perl6/nqp/3rdparty/nqp-configure/lib/NQP/ line 528
NQP::Config::configure_misc(NQP::Config::NQP=HASH(0x56200f796608)) called at /home/madeleine/sandbox/new_perl6/nqp/tools/lib/NQP/Config/ line 83
NQP::Config::NQP::configure_misc(NQP::Config::NQP=HASH(0x56200f796608)) called at /home/madeleine/sandbox/new_perl6/nqp/ line 83
Makefile:643: recipe for target 'nqp-m' failed
make: *** [nqp-m] Error 255
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