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Created June 14, 2021 22:18
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To clear your save data for Too Many Daves:
1. open the javascript console (f12)
2. change the "javascript context" (near the top left of the console) from "top" to "index.html -"
(This is the iframe uses to run the game. We need to change our javascript context so that we have access to its data storage)
3. paste this code into the console and run it; it should say "save data successfully deleted"
4. refresh the page. the game should start you back in the first level
if ("") {
console.error("you need to manually change the javascript context from 'top' to 'index.html'")
} else {"/user_data")
let db=openreq.result
let transaction=db.transaction("FILE_DATA","readwrite")
let req=transaction.objectStore("FILE_DATA").delete(filename_to_delete)
req.onsuccess=()=>console.log("save data successfully deleted")
}; null
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