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Client::PortalController analysis.
What does it do?
It seems to take care of the requests related to proposals. It has an action that takes care of both showing and previewing a proposal (the type of viewing gets chosen in #info action. It also has #index but the way the controller is implemented doesn't seemt to be RESTful (not a resource in the routes file).
I can see there is logic enable via includes that could enable the 'presenter' design pattern, and in the #canvas action, I can see a bit of the 'template' design pattern, and also I can see there are calls to Amazon S3 service; also the proposals states and acceptance are handled by this controller as well as comments related to a single proposal. I noticed mailer logic for several actions: acceptance, set_status and show (although I can't see why ClientEmailer.deliver_proposal_accepted(proposal) is called in two different actions.
What I like about it.
- I can distinguish a bit of design patterns being applied (though I'm not an expert using them) and re-using code from external files.
- The code is understandable (not super self-explanatory, but clean)
- The correct use of namespaces.
What I don't like about it.
- Some actions (methods) are long and seem to be good candidates for a refactoring
- The controller seems to have its purposes related to proposals, and maybe it should be done in a RESTful way by moving the logic to a ProposalsController
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