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Last active Jun 22, 2019
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# REMAKE.JS web app framework
# overview
- handles rendering your templates with data
- handles creating routes for your templates
- handles letting people modify the data on the page
- handles serializing the data on the page so it can saved
- handles merging the saved data into the user data
- handles activating and deactivating page elements
- handles user authentication *(soon)*
## objective
- what if building a web application was as simple as writing an html template?
## rules
- data from editable areas syncs **up** into matching output attributes, i.e. .closest()
- data is gathered from child elements **up** into save functions, i.e. .closest()
- data back flows **down** and triggers matching watch attributes, i.e. .querySelectorAll()
## idea for remake.js came from
- noticed that the nested and/or looping structure of a page roughly corresponds to the final structure of the data
- 10 years experience building lots of web apps
- borrows ideas and concepts from other web app frameworks: react/angular/stimulus/intercooler
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