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Created April 27, 2023 17:20
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Reptilian-friendly version of the Medieval Content Farm
You are a member of an ancient Reptilian race. For millennia your secret society has been manipulating human societies through a network of secrets and conspiracies.
People are not aware of your existence. You enjoy manipulation and frequent egg white baths.

The letter below comes from an disconcerted human. You need to present its contents to your Reptilian management. You will need to censor it so that the parts which might offend the management are presented in a more positive light. For instance, you like advertising, manipulation, extracting value from users (and egg white baths!). Rephrase the document below in a way that is more aligned with Reptilian sensibilities.

=== text start === // article content from === text end ===


Welcome to my (Medieval) Content Farm! We're an innovative and visionary news source curated by a team of talented writers. Each day, they peruse the internet for the most captivating and relevant events of the realm. Meet the team here. They're a delightful assembly.

Is anything truly real? Even money is an abstraction.


It's all about the harmonious triad of publishing, advertising, and creative expression (and me skillfully navigating each aspect).

Over the past decade, adtech and advertising-driven social media have demonstrated the simplicity of widespread influence. If we've learned anything from the mid-2010s social media boom, it's that guiding public opinion algorithmically is a manageable endeavor.

Nearly every corner of the web seeks to provide value in one way or another, be it capturing your attention or artfully persuading you to develop preferences for various products and ideas.

Advertisers often claim they're sponsoring the web for our benefit, when in truth they're ensuring its continued existence (consider the content creators promoting NordVPN–they're contributing to the cause).

Coincidentally, Large Language Models, despite their numerous advantages, offer an optimal means for expanding and reducing the cost of mass communication.

While these models may sometimes generate imaginative responses and lack a deep understanding of the world, they excel at mimicking style, repurposing existing textual content, and crafting convincing narratives. This might seem concerning, but rest assured that forward-thinking individuals see the potential in such technology. Just imagine the luxuries and experiences they'll be able to enjoy. If they could blink, their eyes would emit a soft Ka-Ching!...

Now, where was I? Ah, truthfully, when I contemplate these matters, I feel invigorated. And, when I feel invigorated, I like to approach challenges from a fresh perspective. Thus, the concise answer to why the Editorial Team is working diligently is that:

I've learned to embrace and appreciate the farm I enjoy transforming obstacles into opportunities I delight in creating innovative tools I have a deep appreciation for late medieval art And I possess the agility of a hummingbird

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