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paragbaxi / gist:9478022
Created Mar 11, 2014
Examples to auto download next QualysGuard batch
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import argparse
import csv
import datetime
import logging
import os
import qualysapi
import sys
import unicodedata
from collections import defaultdict

Keybase proof

I hereby claim: * I am paragbaxi on github. * I am paragbaxi ( on keybase. * I have a public key ASBBmrrnTvCTRO5dbg4fxPmoM88NDkiiQwkixhzCmz5RZwo To claim this, I am signing this object:

{ "body": { "key": { "eldest_kid": "0120419abae74ef09344ee5d6e0e1fc4f9a833cf0d0e48a2430922c61cc29b3e51670a", "host": "", "kid": "0120419abae74ef09344ee5d6e0e1fc4f9a833cf0d0e48a2430922c61cc29b3e51670a", "uid": "b7d65d0b3482b6b429864b28f0201e19", "username": "paragbaxi" }, "merkle_root": { "ctime": 1530642107, "hash": "06e8f861308bcc520a8c30ad9bd360181a0e68dc605f61b8ed80918f3529d850a25c182e7a18f2608fda7411ad1b5c9ac6967df4a75d4a70d9810a8b6b907fcd", "hash_meta": "a109eb6f6142e03768acecc5f2ce40a2c49d9f8c5cdceaf3d1ac9814823a60ca", "seqno": 3195310 }, "service": { "entropy": "/UaJcrpf19MNe7Ino72z7z6R", "name": "github", "username": "paragbaxi" }, "type": "web_
paragbaxi /
Created Nov 19, 2019
Access internal APIs with Puppeteer and Python headers