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Custom CSS (user stylesheet) to set your own emoji for twitter's "like" icon. Replace "content" emoji with your own choice.
/* Developed from
Copy / paste your own emojis into the content: lines below
Safari: Preferences -> advanced -> Style Sheet
Other browsers:
.HeartAnimationContainer {
visibility: hidden;
.HeartAnimationContainer:after {
/* content: '✩'; */ /* general case, un-comment this and remove/comment those below if you just want one emoji for liked / unliked */
visibility: visible;
display: block;
position: absolute;
.ProfileTweet-actionButton .HeartAnimationContainer:after {
content: '★'; /* Not liked by viewer */
.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo .HeartAnimationContainer:after {
content: '⭐️'; /* Liked by viewer */
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