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Created Aug 12, 2012
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Relay World - Log

Session I – 12 Aug

Day 0

Cave entrance the nearest to spawn Spawn is in the direction I'm looking, out a dozen meters.

I log in, respawn, and find myself among trees. It's night. There's an entrance and I duck in for the night.

Day 1

I start exploring. Spawn is a forest biome with a few hills. There's a cave complex beneath my feet, with many different branches and several openings. To the east, there's a swamp biome, to the north, water with what looks like a boat half (de?)-constructed. It is made entirely of wood, which is a bad idea if ever a thunderstorm were to pass through. I swim to it and look in the chests: oh — a little redstone. It indicates a rather deep mine, but probably not an organized one, as in this case there would be a lot more. I wander around and the night catches me unaware, so I dig a hole and wait.

Day 2

I get out and explore briefly the cave system. I find iron and make shears, stock up on stone tools and coal, and get out: the cave is mostly unlit, and I have no way of protecting myself were I to fall prey to a large amount of mobs. I decide I am not liking this place very much, so with about half the day remaining, I set to the south-east. I pass through an ExtremeHillsEdge biome, with huge cliffs towering over the sea. I climb up the tallest one.

Off to the south-west, I glimpse a desert and a grassy plain. This looks much better! I hop down carefully, walk the desert for a short while, and reach a lake at the boundary between four interesting biomes: a variety forest (containing birch and oak), the desert (with a few cacti and a lonely sugar cane), a grassy plain (with grazing sheep), and a jungle (with several cocoa trees well in sight).

The night comes, so I build a small dirt hut, shear two sheep and make myself a bed.

Day 3 and forward

Now I have a bed and a mostly secure dirt hut, I can work during the day and skip the night, which is very good for productivity. I start by cutting the grass on a fairly large area besides the lake. Beyond giving me space to build a better, stronger house, it allows me to get enough seeds to plant a decent wheat farm.

The next few days are spent amassing two stacks of wood and converting one into planks. I then craft a table and three furnaces, using the middle one to make charcoal, and the other two to smelt sand into glass, and cobble into stone. I use the stone to make stone bricks: the decision is for both aesthetics and practicality: cobble is ugly, stone is better, but stone is very annoying and wasteful as a building material because once placed, it cannot be retrieved without wasting the ~1/4 coal you put into smelting the cobble.

I start placing walls, and use glass panes to create large windows. The next ~10 days are mostly routine: harvesting and replanting wheat, making bread for food, monitoring the furnaces and strip mining below the dirt house to provide cobble. The house is coming along nicely. I use light wood slabs from birch to make the floor, and leave gaps for the double bed, in-house crafting place, and chests. When I have nothing to do, I go and shear sheep, craft the beds and two double chests, and dump most of my stuff in there.

The lake The lake is just out the door, with a dense jungle beyond.

Even though there are beds in the big house, I still use the small dirt hut to sleep. The roof is not there yet, so I fear spiders might be able to get in. The walls are finally complete, and I use stone brick slabs to cover the roof: this adds a step in the crafting process, so the roof takes three whole days to complete. I include a small stairway to get to the roof, closed by a trapdoor.

Inside the house A view on the inside, taken from the north-west corner.

Now the house is finished, I install torches, transfer everything from the dirt hut to the coffers in here, and sleep my first night in. I'll be keeping the dirt hut, though: that way, I can have a completely separate mine, which is much better security.

Looking out the window Inside the house, looking north. Spawn is beyond the forest all the way over there.

The hut and house Looking south onto the hut and side of the house. The three biomes are clearly visible.

Session II – 13 Aug

Today I went mining. The lack of iron tools was getting annoying, and burning wood to make charcoal is tiresome. I built a 4x4 stairway straight down to bedrock, then added a water column for a fast but smooth descent. That alone gives me plenty of cobble, so instead of just letting it fill chests, I set up a bunch of furnaces and smelt it to stone. Then begins the difficult part: finding interesting shit.

I start by doing a quick 50% efficient strip mine on one side, but it doesn't yield much except for two stacks of redstone, so I go back... when doing the stairs, I had heard lava nearby, so I open my ears and dig straight into a lava lake. It appears I am a few blocks below the surface, so I climb up just a bit and redirect the water column to create obsidian.

I still don't have diamond, nor even iron for that matter, so I start digging in the other direction, and, after hitting lava twice, finally find a diamond vein! Right next to it, as if telling me how lucky I am, is enough iron to craft a full toolset. I mine 13 obsidian blocks: I thought I needed 14 to craft a portal, but then I realised the cheap version only requires 10 :)

Mining obsidian I redirect the water on demand, and otherwise look around to see which obsidian blocks can be mined safely.

I then go for a quick stunt through the Nether. I spawn at a pretty nice place, inhabited by a bunch of inoffensive pig-zombies, with a soul sand plateau and two glowstone bouquets. I harvest one and leave half of the other in place, collect a stack of sand and a quarter of netherack, and leave. The cries of ghasts can be heard, but I didn't see any despite an incredibly large view.

While I was gone, a good amount of stone got smelted, so I obtain about 8 stacks of stone bricks. I use half of it to create a second story for the house, and place stairs leading up to a well-lit flat roof, whereupon I can safely (bar the occasional climbing spider) observe my surroundings. I notice mobs are spawning a bit too close than is comfortable as I didn't bother to place torches around my settlement.

View from the roof While the farm and hut are illuminated, the lake and desert are dark. You can see the hole that resulted from a near head-on collision with a creeper.

I hop down, take a good night sleep, and circle around, placing torches ça-et-là. That done, I start building a pool behind the house. While digging and placing nice slab borders is easy, filling it up is surprisingly hard. It takes me a full two days and a night, during which I get very frightened as a straying spider attacks me while I am underwater! I make a trip to the forest to get enough wood to finish, sleep one last time, and add the final touches.

A nice backyard pool The house's second story doesn't have windows, and thus it looks blocky. I'll have to do something about that...

Session III - 14 Aug

First thing in the morning: deforest! I cut down enough trees to have wood to last me a good while: 2-3 stacks. On the way back, I noticed I had visitors in my new pool... a few squids had spawned during the night! Well, I'm not too fond of the beasties, so I got myself experience and ink by blunting my sword against them.

Squids in swimming pool Look at the little critters happily floating around... HACK KILL HACK SLASH Mwahahaha!

Speaking of experience, I also crafted an enchanting table and tried enchanting stuff. That didn't work too well, or rather, not to my satisfaction. Maybe I should have waited for more XP. Nevertheless, I now have a weakly enchanted iron pickaxe, which is better than not, I guess.

I start on making the house a little prettier and less of a big block of stone. First, I make a plongeoir doubling as a balcony that lets one jump into the pool from the first floor. Then, I craft a bunch of stairs and rework the roof to have two slanted sides and a vast lake-side window, but I run out of glass panes just after my pickaxe breaks so I go restock for a while.

Half finished veranda Working under a grand blue sky is really awesome.

On the way, I harvest and replant my wheat farm, which is proving to be very much worthwhile. I also harvest the sugar canes I had growing at one side and replant the whole lot, nearly surrounding the entire lake. I then kill a few straying skeletons who had survived the daily heat by taking a dive in my pool.

Sugar canes That's gonna make a lot of canes once they grow :)

I have a little experience accumulated, so I try enchanting something again. Having emptied my gauges, I decide to tempt fate a bit by going the way of the Dora. I empty my inventory and started walking across the desert. After a day or so of finding nothing interesting, I head back... but night catches up to me and spiders start chasing me! I stumble upon this little, isolated structure but don't have time to stop due to the crowds of skeletons in front and the spiders behind.

A well in the desert Far, far away into the desert, a little abandoned well and hordes of hostile mobs...

I arrive home at the lull of the day. To relax, I go for a bath... which turns out to be a really bad idea when a creeper jumps in with me! I can't get out, because then it would follow me and damage either the house or the pool, so I wait... it explodes safely in the water, taking half of my life, but leaving me alive. I sigh, realising too late my air is out.

Death by drowning Dying in my own pool, by drowning after escaping hundreds of mobs and a final exploding creeper... shameful. Snif ;'(

End of Turn

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