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Created August 27, 2013 06:53
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[10:26:16] <devinus> phinze: apparently Oracle won't let you download the dmg until you have a cookie in your browser
[10:26:19] <devinus> grooosss
[10:26:31] <phinze> devinus: ewww
[10:27:25] <phinze> stupid oracle
[10:27:38] <phinze> here's somebody trying to work out how to script it
[10:27:53] <phinze> but then we're getting into annoyingly murky territory
[10:29:47] <devinus> phinze: should i give up or is there a way to pass a cookie along?
[10:45:24] <phinze> devinus: looking at CurlDownloadStrategy quick
[10:46:25] <devinus> phinze: in curl, this works: curl -b -O -L
[10:46:40] <phinze> so i guess theoretically we could subclass it and override CurlDownloadStrategy#_fetch
[10:47:14] <phinze> but i'm guessing you probably don't want to get further down this yak haircut :)
[10:47:38] <phinze> seems like a reasonable feature to add from my perspective - and nobody wants to install java manually :)
[10:48:04] <phinze> so your options are (1) look into adding the cookie feature to homebrew-cask, (2) open an issue with everything you've got so far and one of us can pick it up for ya
[10:49:03] <devinus> phinze: it seems to only check for the existence of the gpw_e24 variable
[10:49:09] <devinus> curl -b gpw_e24=1 -O -L
[10:49:12] <devinus> works just as well
[10:49:36] <devinus> phinze: let's brainstorm what it would look like in the DSL
[10:49:42] <phinze> devinus: sure
[10:49:46] <devinus> url ''
[10:50:02] <devinus> header 'Cookie: gpw_e24=1'
[10:50:02] <devinus> ?
[10:50:06] <devinus> cookie 'gpw_e24=1'
[10:50:17] <phinze> url 'http:/.../', :cookies => { :gpw_e24 => 1 } ?
[10:50:24] <devinus> ah
[10:50:31] <devinus> much better :)
[10:50:50] <phinze> probably makes most sense pushing it right up against url, rather than having a new top level keyword
[10:50:58] <devinus> for now it only needs to support cookies, maybe if it's super easy i can do :headers too
[10:51:06] <devinus> agreed
[10:51:17] <phinze> sure - you're thinking you wanna try and pick it up? :D
[10:51:58] <devinus> i'll try my hand at it
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