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Last active August 29, 2015 14:01
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rustc -L . --test 23:40 error: mismatched types: expected `(rast::http::StatusCode,collections::hashmap::HashMap<&str,&str>,B)` but found `(rast::http::StatusCode,collections::hashmap::HashMap<&'static str,&'static str>,std::io::mem::MemReader)` (expected type parameter but found struct std::io::mem::MemReader) (rast::http::StatusCode(200), h, r)
^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 47:54 error: cannot determine a type for this bounded type parameter: unconstrained type println!("{:?}",, heads, inpt, errr));
note: in expansion of format_args!
<std macros>:2:23: 2:77 note: expansion site
<std macros>:1:1: 3:2 note: in expansion of println! 47:56 note: expansion site
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