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Outstanding TS Tasks, in no particular order:
- DataMapper Support
- Oracle Support
- MS SQL Support
- SQLite Support (if possible?)
- XML Support
- Threadsafe-friendly
- Thorough Documentation for advanced settings
- Lazy index definition (only invokes define_index block when/if needed)
- Lazy model scanning (only figures out indexed models when/if needed)
- Solid code documentation using YARD
- Remove vendored Delayed Job
- Pull Delayed Deltas out into a separate gem, like Workling Deltas
- Fixing STI support for multiple indexes across super/subclasses
- Fixing STI support for facets
- Easy Cucumber integration
- after_commit library pushed into a gem, not vendored for TS gem installs.
- Modular, explicit settings for auto-index updates, other Sphinx communication
- Spelling suggestions as an additional gem, to install if desired.
- sphinx_attributes collection added to each search result, allowing easier access to Sphinx
attributes such as distance, group, etc.
- radians attribute option that auto-converts to floats and radians from degrees.
- google-syntax-to-sphinx-syntax parser, as an additional gem
- auto-crc/string-filter option for fields and attributes
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