View _filePathsToPackageNames.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
* Accepts a string of space separated files generated by git
* Returns a string of comma separated @scoped/package names
const commander = require('commander');
const packageRootMatch = /^packages\//;
View component.js
import DayPicker as foo from 'react-day-picker@5.2.0'
import DayPicker as bar from 'react-day-picker@5.2.1'
import DayPicker as baz from 'react-day-picker@5.2.2'
View master-ghpages
git push -f origin master:gh-pages
View LESS specific fonts for different font sizes.less
.fontSize (@a) when (@a >= 100) {
font-family: Impact, Charcoal, sans-serif;
.fontSize (@a) when (@a < 100) {
font-family: "Comic Sans MS", cursive, sans-serif;
.fontSize (@a) {
font-size: @a;
View LESS nesting for parental examination.less
body {
/* this has the possible class or data attribute of 'mobile' */
/* this is not included in the nest as you can't climb at will */
/* the class or attribute (via our JavaScript) could be applied
to any element that sits above and outside of `#level-1` in
this example */
#level-1 {