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paulirish /
Last active September 23, 2023 09:11
What forces layout/reflow. The comprehensive list.

What forces layout / reflow

All of the below properties or methods, when requested/called in JavaScript, will trigger the browser to synchronously calculate the style and layout*. This is also called reflow or layout thrashing, and is common performance bottleneck.

Generally, all APIs that synchronously provide layout metrics will trigger forced reflow / layout. Read on for additional cases and details.

Element APIs

Getting box metrics
  • elem.offsetLeft, elem.offsetTop, elem.offsetWidth, elem.offsetHeight, elem.offsetParent
paulirish /
Last active September 22, 2023 10:35
How to view-source of a Chrome extension

Option 1: Command-line download extension as zip and extract

extension_id=jifpbeccnghkjeaalbbjmodiffmgedin   # change this ID
curl -L -o "$" "$extension_id%26uc" 
unzip -d "$extension_id-source" "$"

Thx to crxviewer for the magic download URL.

paulirish / log-all-mutations.js
Created January 25, 2023 22:44
Log all DOM mutations to console
View log-all-mutations.js
// Log all DOM mutations to console.
// Modern interpretation of
observer = new MutationObserver(onMutation);
observerSettings = {
subtree: true,
childList: true,
attributes: true,
attributeOldValue: true,
paulirish / InteractionsEventTiming.js
Last active September 16, 2023 11:11 — forked from anniesullie/InteractionsEventTiming.js
This gist pokes around with interactions in the EventTiming API. It tries to get the interaction latency, delay, processing time breakdown, type, and target.
View InteractionsEventTiming.js
const interactionMap = new Map();
function logInteraction(interaction) {
const clamp = val => Math.round(val * 100) / 100; // clamp to 2 decimal places
console.groupCollapsed(`${interaction.type} interaction`, clamp(interaction.latency));
console.log(`total latency`, clamp(interaction.latency));
console.log('delay:', clamp(interaction.delay));
console.groupCollapsed(`processing time in ${Object.entries(interaction.processingTimes).length} entries:`, clamp(interaction.processingTime));
for (const [e, t] of Object.entries(interaction.processingTimes)) {
paulirish / bling.js
Last active September 12, 2023 12:09
bling dot js
View bling.js
/* bling.js */
window.$ = document.querySelectorAll.bind(document);
Node.prototype.on = window.on = function (name, fn) {
this.addEventListener(name, fn);
NodeList.prototype.__proto__ = Array.prototype;
paulirish / gist:5558557
Last active September 1, 2023 14:51
a brief history of detecting local storage
View gist:5558557
paulirish / gist:704386
Created November 17, 2010 23:55
10 or 11 or 12 things i learned from the jquery source
View gist:704386
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View how to screencapture and make animated gifs or

Screencapture and animated gifs

I say "animated gif" but in reality I think it's irresponsible to be serving "real" GIF files to people now. You should be serving gfy's, gifv's, webm, mp4s, whatever. They're a fraction of the filesize making it easier for you to deliver high fidelity, full color animation very quickly, especially on bad mobile connections. (But I suppose if you're just doing this for small audiences (like bug reporting), then LICEcap is a good solution).

Capturing (Easy)

  1. Launch quicktime player
  2. do Screen recording

screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11 16 23 am

paulirish / rAF.js
Last active August 12, 2023 06:59
requestAnimationFrame polyfill
View rAF.js
// requestAnimationFrame polyfill by Erik Möller. fixes from Paul Irish and Tino Zijdel
// MIT license
(function() {
var lastTime = 0;
var vendors = ['ms', 'moz', 'webkit', 'o'];
paulirish /
Last active August 1, 2023 15:42 polyfill (aka
// @license
// copyright Paul Irish 2015
// is supported everywhere except IE8. For IE8 we use the polyfill
// as Safari 6 doesn't have support for NavigationTiming, we use a timestamp for relative values
// if you want values similar to what you'd get with real, place this towards the head of the page
// but in reality, you're just getting the delta between now() calls, so it's not terribly important where it's placed