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Git merge commits — First published in issue #30

How to merge commits in Git?

Sometimes, you commit something and realize it needs some more fixing, and then some more. Resulting in 3 or more commits for the same task.

You like to keep your git log clean and want to merge your commits. Here is how to do just that:

Suppose we have this history:

$ git log --oneline 
2750b94 Finally fix bug #84. 
da52aaa Fix bug #84. 
31f5476 Fixing bug #84. 

We enter rebasing with:

$ git rebase --interactive HEAD~3
# HEAD~3 says from HEAD include 3 commits

Your $EDITOR will open with:

pick 31f5476 Fixing bug #84. 
pick da52aaa Fix bug #84. 
pick 2750b94 Finally fix bug #84. 

Update the file as follow:

pick   31f5476 Fixing bug #84. 
squash da52aaa Fix bug #84. 
squash 2750b94 Finally fix bug #84.

Then quit and save, you will be prompted to enter a new commit message.

Your new log history will be:

$ git log --oneline 
38c0f13 Your new commit message about bug #84.
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