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Plugin to allow easy read/write access to HTML5 data- attributes
$.fn.dataset = function(key, value) {
if(value != null) {
if($(this).attr('data-' + key)) {
$(this).attr('data-' + key, value);
return true;
} else {
return false;
} else {
return $(this).attr('data-' + key);

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@paulspringett paulspringett commented Jul 21, 2010

Given the initial HTML

<div class="foo" data-length="300" data-color="red">Hello World!</div>

Reading data attributes

$('').dataset('length') => "300"

Writing data attrbiutes

$('').dataset('color', 'green') => true

<div class="foo" data-length="300" data-color="green">Hello World!</div>
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