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vzprocess: ps with CTID filtration for OpenVZ
use strict;
use warnings;
unless (scalar @ARGV == 1) {
die "Parameter needed, please pass ctid as parameter";
my $ctid = $ARGV[0];
sub get_ctid {
my $pid = shift;
open my $fl, "<", "/proc/$pid/status" or return 0;
while(<$fl>) {
if (/TaskUB:\s*(\d+)/i) {
return $1;
# it's host system
return 0;
my @all_processes = `ps aux`;
chomp @all_processes;
for my $process_raw (@all_processes) {
my (undef, $pid) = split /\s+/, $process_raw;
if (get_ctid($pid) == $ctid) {
print $process_raw, "\n";

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phincylp commented May 20, 2015

excellent !!

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