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iron admin frontend perf
  • in general you dont want to load too much vendor scripts on pages that dont need it (see webpack code splitting + dynamic imports in webpack docs) and vendors css together (to save http requests) is usually also a good idea (but much easier maintainable when using npm+ (f.e. webpack), especially that css are render blocking
  • you might want to take a look whats inside jquery ui as it is a huge monolith and you probably use like 10% of it, from my experience usually jquery ui is best replaced with something that has been maintained in the last 3 years and is modularized, so you dont have trouble replacing it later on
  • you might want to take a look at slimming down fontawesome you load - by default its very heavy
  • loading only modules you need from bootstrap (both css and js wise) can make it a whole lot lighter
  • light version of normalize.css is included in bootstrap - since you load it in vendors.css, you probably dont need to include it separately
  • your bitmap images could use some compression love, i recommend imageoptim
  • for perf./safety reasons i would move assets from external CDNs (cdnjs) to our cdn
  • <a href="javascript:void(0)"> - this is just wrong ;)
  • if you go to devtools and open command pallette, type "coverage" you can see how much code is used on each particular page - this will give you exact number on why some of the above points are true
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