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Note: There are several variations to do the same thing (see # or). The idea
is to choose the best (one or so) of the variations and implement that. I.E.
these are different designs possibilities for the API.

This readme describes how to configure Jaeger storages and various Jaeger services.


This section describes how to configure Jaeger with Cassandra storage

Run Cassandra with ccm

# create one node cassandra
ccm create test -v 3.11.0 -n 1 -s


  • KIALI-2893 Show the traces tab if jaeger is configured but application is not available and show warning (#1089, @aljesusg)
  • Enable stale bot (#1088, @israel-hdez)
  • the time format is consistent with the MarshalJSON of k8s (#1083, @jotak)
  • KIALI-2752 bump up the base image of operator-sdk to 0.8.0 (#1080, @jmazzitelli)
  • KIALI-2858 Restructure backend graph code for better separation of core and vendor code (#1068, @jshaughn)
  • KIALI-2728 Use Desired/Current/Available replicas for Workload Health (#1081, @lucasponce)
  • KIALI-2892 Jaeger traces n

GOROOT=/home/ploffay/bin/go #gosetup GOPATH=/home/ploffay/projects/golang #gosetup /home/ploffay/bin/go/bin/go build -o /tmp/___go_build_main_go /home/ploffay/projects/golang/src/ #gosetup /tmp/___go_build_main_go #gosetup getting pulls getting pulls getting pulls getting pulls getting pulls getting pulls

pavolloffay /
Last active Apr 18, 2019
public class ConversationService {
private GreetingService greetingService;
public String talk() {
return greetingService.hello() + " -> " + greetingService.bonjour();
View create_archive_index.yml
# curator --config plugin/storage/es/curator.yml plugin/storage/es/
action: create_index
description: Create archive index.
name: jaeger-span-archive-000001
continue_if_exception: False
disable_action: False
pavolloffay /
Last active Dec 12, 2018
Guidelines for Jaeger installer on OpenShift
  1. download istiooc binary
  2. run ./istiooc_linux cluster up --istio=true

Change openshift-ansible and reflect changes in OC cluster

Build and tag the image brefore running oc cluster up so it can be consumed from local registry.

  1. build modified ansible image cd openshift-ansible && docker build -f images/installer/Dockerfile.istio -t openshiftistio/origin-ansible .
  2. remove/rename the old image docker rmi <sha>
  3. tag new image appropriately docker tag 17fece18c5ca openshiftistio/origin-ansible:<> the version is usually the same as istiooc
View export.json
"_id": "AWYWCtQZezvXAqIiUTRh",
"_type": "dashboard",
"_source": {
"title": "demo-dashboard",
"hits": 0,
"description": "",
"panelsJSON": "[{\"col\":1,\"id\":\"AWYWClB3ezvXAqIiUTQo\",\"panelIndex\":1,\"row\":1,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"col\":7,\"id\":\"AWYWC5A-ezvXAqIiUTSc\",\"panelIndex\":2,\"row\":4,\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\"},{\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"panelIndex\":3,\"type\":\"visualization\",\"id\":\"AWYWDjk2ezvXAqIiUTWZ\",\"col\":1,\"row\":4},{\"size_x\":6,\"size_y\":3,\"panelIndex\":4,\"type\":\"visualization\",\"id\":\"AWYWEU_YezvXAqIiUTzQ\",\"col\":7,\"row\":1}]",
"optionsJSON": "{\"darkTheme\":false}",
View devnation
docker run --net=host --rm -it jaegertracing/all-in-one
java -jar target/preference.jar
curl localhost:8180
Istio headers propagation
Advanced routing
istioctl create -f istiofiles/destination-rule-recommendation-v1-v2.yml -n tutorial
istioctl create -f istiofiles/virtual-service-recommendation-v1.yml -n tutorial
JAEGER_URL=http://tracing-istio-system.`minishift ip`
GRAFANA_URL="http://grafana-istio-system.`minishift ip`"

cat kiali-configmap.yaml | VERSION_LABEL=v0.7.0 JAEGER_URL=http://tracing-istio-system.`minishift ip` GRAFANA_URL="http://grafana-istio-system.`minishift ip`" envsubst | oc create -n istio-system -f -
cat kiali-secrets.yaml | VERSION_LABEL=v0.7.0 envsubst | oc create -n istio-system  -f  - 
cat kiali.yaml | IMAGE_NAME=kiali/kiali IMAGE_VERSION=latest NAMESPACE=istio-system VERSION_LABEL=master VERBOSE_MODE=4  IMAGE_PULL_POLICY_TOKEN="imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent" envsubst | oc create -n istio-system -f -
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