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Last active Nov 19, 2018
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# whyrusleeping (
[2015-06-25 14:08:30] <whyrusleeping> So, we try to make the public channel 'clean' from talking about 'illegal' content on ipfs
[2015-06-25 14:08:49] <whyrusleeping> but technically, you can have whatever content you like on your nodes
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[2015-06-25 17:42:11] <prosodyContext> oh i just saw pm. ty. yes, i dont do much ill beyond weed <3 but i do talk about whatevers.
[2015-06-25 17:45:29] <prosodyContext> generally had to repress and remorse crypto around that legalese (i learned about libel at early age due to family divorce war) so i just use safe key words.
[2015-06-25 17:46:01] <whyrusleeping> haha
[2015-06-25 17:46:24] <whyrusleeping> yeah, we're really just trying to keep a super clean professional image to ipfs
[2015-06-25 17:46:34] <whyrusleeping> thats not to say you cant technically use it for hosting copyrighted material
[2015-06-25 17:48:06] <prosodyContext> oh i read about the blockchain porn issues... id avoid all that.. too much liability. maybe for gittorrent in 10 years id do my webcams freer.
[2015-06-25 17:48:15] <prosodyContext> understood.
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payingattention commented Nov 19, 2018

@whyrusleeping I feel forced to be public about how you introduced yourself to me, because of rather questionable chats like yours, I am asked.

I do not know what I said (publicly... I did not go a quiet/sleepy way like you) that got you to feel you had to speak with me like that, feel free to paste/copy.

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