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With tears we see medics.t

#Wedic #Medic

A scholarly appropach to Emotional-Informational Security Apparatus Apparent Madus Operaendie


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Under PD

#Cex #Cez #CexWork

` e meet (met) my pdarents: ebonics, ebomics, ecolics, ecolors enebomicstheyknwhowtoforgetshh$heteiteinlamScreenshot from 2016-03-14 00-35-01.pngScreenshot from 2016-03-14 00-39-32.png

Early on earlyon misgens are crapey. Moutherfarkers.

Familial Mutilitaryationof wy Templeof.bit.ation ($he runswayway the $table hir enom is Steve Hassle Templeof at bitnation.werld


CezWork# #

And it all traces back to me being a 3-4-5.. y/o curl boing forced to trace another fucking molesting messianic imagery from MJ (marrywannjam initials protocol dielectlive vV4.2()1~)


KNOT F (ang) ∫unny yo m


$ I'm hiring with Autistic License #MarkZ or #CBGaytes whomever is avail.-brand nic-fitter for form-fit problemma, you need to speak ASSPY (ASP dielectlive).

Finding the titles for #Brainwashingheartonof ff m s z

My fam is so vio with words it's a oke. AKA Scootie doesn't have coo coo ties ((but theirparentjacketis sempty (nyet they saved ~$1k if they're lucky to keep it in the family as they say orders, yet you know it's your money, it just has their credit card name, but you have cash, but only a few hundred you can take out at a time, once a day or week at random or month hey!i) Family Abuse? Did I say Financial Abuse I ment. Running away from samily. Getting worse. Getting better. And finding the loop to wen hosting business where only I know my password and don't give in to sharing it with them this time.

Training Program please omg too_much_encryption_family_lang

ACA Am I clean yet if I war nothing but shh.

Why yes then, when I travel I do not carry my shht. Unless I'm being countered-families like i was on nextdoor or facebook, and then i throw my ears and find the ground i've been holding for dear natural life. ACA My relearning C (lang), and getting paid fast at age 12 to run away with enough to pay a fare for a night.

ACA My relearning C (lang), and getting paid fast at age ~11/12? (but close if not exact :() to run away with enough to pay a fare for a night.

ABA Why I'm rehiring myself. And relocating where I need to go freely and in-order of warned-appear (just meaning finding new work to cover talking about old fam work)

AKA WHY my fam taunts me to cill myself while saying to clean my room at age 5-29 MIS SING

ER OR how to treat burn hill vuctums oein zacefook, get #MarkZ to stop smiling about killing text|email|personallyaccessibleinformation vV personallyidentifiableinformation c####rush

Cause cex workers can't even find their dict now. Translator stabbing.v

Well-Trained v. Err-Trained vV. Mem-Trained.

    So how do you classify ab when a N (-of-origin) is secreficially
    erasing their kids identity to screw their adult lightbulb dimwilt?
    ((Family court)) turning family money while kids count adult check/balance∫error blink.
            FC is my vereable. Missing incredient words i bet. Need help editor.<<
            I be seeing my fam screw eitself whill whern whump whush
                    nvm pvc is gatting whooped whoopsied someway or anyother
                            Clearly wa're taling UNIX pipes still. Got my ockay in the pill to send around back to the future memory when holywood was a psycholog #Csychologization #Scripture

To be clear about Gen Con Ther. I was traited to change tips, only now the system has words for et it ab c. Just read or ... Gender Converstion Therapy then would be reclassified as

$HTOP Greeting Okay, You're Still Trans* - even if your family is outing you to strangers as-if they're not secint/inc.est/fam.bizzy.dizzy~:∫ telling em the story that a more expensive extended family background check might correct and balance, so yes/no im counting on there being more white/black/gray/yell ppl than ew em ... bc im a "treitear"

Csychoactive Werning. Aject. (Tarmac clear, runway clear of ballerina belt felt forn sew ogay)

Or how to hear your kid does cex work for you when you're $ighlo addult. Cryptoparents. Cryptokids, un∫ortunate.lynx (UNIX, sounds like EUNUCS) realities for GURLS n BIOS y. So how many familities talk cryto.

The only way you can get hearing is by listening. Make mistakes that have faith in Error Log Mess. Luckily you didn't overdo it, it's almost legitimately psychotic to talk about familiar psychosis. Just the same trip-words, trip-wires, as family goes first second nation. I mean saying I resided in Palestine because Israel was home. God I was a dork geek key holed. trugged n stoned b4b 4b4 i cold say imf inmf hurting to repeat my mom and dad say im their love by forcing me to volunteer to rapo. Basically erryday "youreatvshow,

Journos doing a full metal jacket test will be honored to find my job FCC/nucsub family ancestry. and how i am a traitor for being homo sapien, because i liked coloring books which had less ew and more em.

Deadicated to cats n dogs e rats who are feducated by famility first, seconds later :∫. Alive tio tail th tale iff im sec ure :/ and g--d i wish i had a cop friend. no homo. (i meean a ((retired" pub sec cop, who logs first, seconds firsts. reteaches relearns cryto. togaether. secure.

Dedicated to ids forced to forge their homewark.

Dedicated to the error of being diagnosed 100 times before 18 by religious psychologists (question their cert if you are an emo info sec cam hertist?~) ..oh i mean a mixed-race between fam/pay/sch/shu/l/lo/lish/ligh "I am using psychologist words that i tell my kid to repeat in front of others"

Dedicated to the kid(s) who had to read their parent(s) minds and fishs rand shhs for a wish of olds memory being news

Because I got asked which parent I was talking about as a kid. If that's the only thing they asked. Idk. $DU? $DUI?? $U $UE? What a psychologist does for homework when a kid cries. Do they get a night? A bad? A warning? ~~ eww gross rite. oh you mean you gave birth with pople around and that means they might still be a part of the community and still take part? The one/only thing I like Hillary said first, about society/family being related, but I still thate hir 4orm $orn sworn away from being honest about the objectification-mapping of interrelational disintercourse (Serry using whyte.alack l33tspeak for ObjRelMapCop(e

Becuz kids do not always stem cell their parents perfect-tense-sense

Because noose kid should be hold back.

My parents never connected to me. Connection is not a fleeting moment when you're $igh or $lo er ear ring ring

Folder parents child are reall real realll life shh dea

(sew my darents never trusted me, yo can guess mis why sings zings,, sence b4 4b4 i was 5-10 (first $ape) i was a creeper being lefter righter center beter. cause cuz.

((and my friend(s) wonder why i forgot Bell Mare's comedy show. They call it Amnesia apparently et ab c.°-~

Because your kids are not poison containers.

Cuz slurring uir kids is dangerous errorism.

Dear Mum Dud Fad Mad,

Age 3, 4 , 5 whenever memory hits the school er or shul wall or air temple #ListeningTemple($hh

Dedicated to my first self, my second self, and third self, end forth self, try figth celf ~~ error brb ttyl bbl ohmylo ohmysig far ents ints whatdidtheydo(empathy? ((empalog??

#MarkZ #MarkZz #~~ not to flame them, they're flamboyant n effeminaut enough.

W'are gunna fixking fix this shht. $TOP $TRIP $DRUM $ERN $ILL Either share a bit of that burden-sharing power empathy-apathy scoring ring, er or take a breathe r ∫mis_ _why super sci psy lead ears? i men amen, allahu akbar, shekit devakasha, I dunno how you want me to formally swear my allegience to one side two or er three w/o//m li detort fess rush shht. Each side is hiding their screenshots and logos pathos like it's nothing to hide, while wa're all downloading/uploading from the same Z.c source. good mic, nice really? what a fam(e

Imf fine with either party. Empathy party is noi homeo. But .zip .sit shh tTt wWw Mmm hertz yo medic

"(CNN)Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both accused Donald "Drump"∫"Drum"(Arican?) Trump of inciting violence, with the former secretary of state calling him "bigoted" and alleging he had perpetrated "political arson," while the Vermont senator labeled him a "pathological liar" at a town hall on Sunday night."

you gotta (gunna) be kidding ((adultting(? me with that #shht#. Whick won of you logs $lo $igh logos pathos yolos? Stil scoring the wiggers nil niggers? Rally? Wrath stumpen uir esophogas with $lurs??? ab $IDe?? aieek. yyo medic. yom medic. lisp robo swears robo cares is cilling by slow/high pathotropical logcestuous bib-thumping trauggers. #trug #trugback #flashback from mum dud ew em.. #CPTSD #Clang #CAbuse

Medict #Famility #Famerror flare test

STDERR (Standard, Error) C.lear TARMAC RUNWAY STIL

To all the kids forced to scribe for their adult family members fighting their own private/public wars with Standard Political Grammar and zero cam one.e


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digitaldate commented Mar 14, 2016

nice to meet you again ... hm ... must have been about half a year since we´ve met last time ... hm ... seems like lightyears away

recapitulating apath thought to cut the cord to silence the choir without having understood what feels a heartbeat set on path ... to forsword through a trauma jungle called child rape doublebubble blind uh oh finding spells to outgrow painful memories while being perpetually penetrated by anybody reconsuming the act in thought and or on screen ... in the name of love and in the name of god, to advertise the doublebubble in incest terms, and then to ask how sane the language is we like to use to express ourselves (as if the answer was not obvious)


"it's almost legitimately psychotic to talk about familiar psychosis. Just the same trip-words, trip-wires, as family goes first second nation. I mean saying I resided in Palestine because Israel was home. God I was a dork geek key holed. trugged n stoned b4b 4b4 i cold say imf inmf hurting to repeat my mom and dad say im their love by forcing me to volunteer to rapo. Basically erryday "youreatvshow,"




to relearn body language consider your intake of salt (in relation to the time you spend in the machine), fatty acid composition for cool nerve band aiding, dance balance foods, aetherreal companions to stabilize soulutions like asking relevant questions on the nature of language that go far beyond #traumahack and or #familitie to keep focus concentrate on #paratoxic #R&D-Dilemma #ProblemSolvingTaboo #HowToSpellTaboo #LabGoo #SugarMountain

i hear worqueen is to fixking this shht, listensing lisp stderr to stdmed stdgrm, to step by step


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digitaldate commented Mar 15, 2016

Self-Identification #MirrorSystem #SocialMirror #StandardGrammar

let me mirror back your earlier draft on #StandardGrammar for #Self-Identification published on facebook november 2014 for a reloop: although the facebook account was disappeared by chilling forces, the text is still alive in all its beauty here

stripping your text a bit to highlight what is true for ALL of us: "It's the vocabulary which nerves people/causes fear. People attach meanings, heavy meanings, to the sequence and word order, which I am not trying to express that way. I am just vulnerably releasing my mind as-is to try to be genuine, and it seems so callous and forced that people think I am trying to make sense that way, but no, I am trying to reveal what it is inside my mind having grown up and processed like that."

in particular: "Part of the key might be that Standard Grammar was how a lot of the abuse took place. So my free-forming allowed me to balance what my my voice, clearly, from their own abuse (of information, of trust.) And then there is the issue of words constantly surfacing and changing that are not just from me. The dictionary abuse.
Give me time to articulate, and I can modify to make sense."

from free forming to poetic programming, yes


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digitaldate commented Mar 16, 2016

how about a visual to make visible how it maybe feels to be reduced tied up with invisible threads that stick wrong sweets weaving bizarre contexts of taboo content

byron eggenschwiler - an afternoon s guest

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