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So sometimes I will spend a lot of time randomly thinking about things that just confuse me when they either really should, or really shouldn't. Physics falls into the first category, especially foundations of QM. Audio is a great source for entries in the second category.
Note that when I say doesn't make sense I don't mean "is stupid, but seemed like a good idea at the design-by-committee" (see, for instance, SBR envelope coefficient deltas having the ability to be coded as time differentials instead of only as freq differentials - it's not that much more complex and you might shave a tiny bit of extra compression out of the format... and you also drastically decrease its ability to recover from fades on HF, thus making SBR on digital radio mondiale hell until the broadcast engineer finds the "allow deltas in time option" and turns it off). Nor do I mean actual malice (see, for instance, literally any documentation that DVSI releases because they're forced to under the terms of their incredibly lucrative g