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Last active Oct 23, 2021
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Rufus Maintainer's Corner

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  • Make sure all milestones issues have been addressed
  • Make sure the ChangeLog is up to date, with actual release date
  • Update MSYS/MinGW
  • Update if relevant (major new feature, etc.)
  • Commit and tag release
  • Build release (.\
  • Git push release commit
  • Build AppStore release (appstorePublishCreate App Packages...)
  • Wait for VS2019 builds and download ARM/ARM64 artifacts (as rufus-#.##_arm[64].exe)
  • Wait for MinGW build and download x86 artifact (as rufus-#.##.exe)
  • Sign downloaded executables
  • Upload signed executables to VT Monitor and VirusTotal
  • Run a limited set of tests with actual release binary
  • Upload all the binaries to staging server
  • Symlink rufus-#.#p.exe (ln -sf to relink, don't bother with rufus.exe any more)
  • Run ./ script to create .sig
  • Edit's downloads/index.html page to include the new download links by sourcing the staging server's download page
  • Validate's downloads/index.html page
  • Update index.php on staging server.
    Note: Make sure that any href's in the ChangeLog have target="_blank" due to using a frame.
  • (OPTIONAL) Upload new 1x and 2x screenshots if needed
  • Run from MinGW in directory to update index_##.html pages (also update en_US if different)
  • Validate at least en/index.html and fr/index.html
  • Also Update Loc.ver to point to latest version
  • Create a draft release and upload binaries to github release (if BETA, need to create a temporary v#.#_BETA tag). Don't forget to upload the .sig as well as the portable version. Also don't forget to uploade portable executable.
  • Commit and push's modified content — Don't forget to also pick index.php from staging server.
  • Submit executable to Windows Defender so that they don't get tricked AGAIN into a false positive
  • Test download links (including latest source tarball)
  • Update AppStore submission and upload new package
  • Update download
  • Update FossHub downloads
  • Announce release on and mydigitallife relevant threads
  • Update Wikipedia page
  • Close milestone
  • Edit this page for the download counters

~24 hours after release

  • Update Rufus_win.ver on staging server
  • Run script to create .ver.sig
  • Update and push
  • Test automatic update


  • Wait ~1 week and edit download's index.html to remove the BETA links
  • Delete the BETA git tags and remove BETA release
  • to rufus-next

VirusTotal links

Windows Defender Submission Data

  • rufus-3.2.exe = 0d146748-b734-4780-84a3-813fd40e0b30
  • rufus-3.3.exe = 0d0f5e2a-c233-4a37-a57d-b125ca741a03
  • rufus-3.4.exe = e63f2589-2284-43dc-9511-d5b8df8e5184
  • rufus-3.5.exe = 8b1fc457-395f-4b64-8aed-fdab0d6430c5
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