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Created Aug 31, 2020
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// Accoriding Kotlin 1.4.0 release blog, we should be able to define SAM interfaces in Kotlin and use them the
// same way we can use them if they are defined in Java but the code below still does not compile
// As typealias (works)
typealias FooTypeAlias = () -> Boolean
fun runAsTypeAlias(func: FooTypeAlias): Boolean {
return func.invoke()
// As Java SAM interface (works)
// Defined in public interface FooJavaInterface { boolean samJavaInterfaceCall();}
fun runAsJavaInterface(func: FooJavaInterface): Boolean {
return func.samJavaInterfaceCall()
// As Kotlin SAM interface (doesn't work)
interface FooKotlinInterface {
fun samKotlinInterfaceCall(): Boolean
fun runAsKotlinInterface(func: FooKotlinInterface): Boolean {
return func.samKotlinInterfaceCall()
// Function that *should* work for typealias, Java SAM interface, and Kotlin SAM interface calls
fun doSomething(): Boolean {
return true
fun main() {
// prints 1.4.0
// compiles
runAsTypeAlias { doSomething() }
// compiles
runAsJavaInterface { doSomething() }
// Should compile in kotlin 1.4.0 but doesn't:
// Type mismatch.
// Required:
// FooKotlinInterface
// Found:
// () → Boolean
runAsKotlinInterface { doSomething() }
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EndzeitBegins commented Sep 3, 2020

Hello @pbriggs28,

as written under the SO blog post you need to declare the Kotlin SAM interface as fun interface FooKotlinInterface instead of interface FooKotlinInterface, see the official Kotlin docs for more information

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