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Created Oct 27, 2017
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Install Python 3.6 and Boto3 package on Windows Server container
$Tag = 'winpython:3.6.3'
docker build --no-cache --tag $Tag $PSScriptRoot
FROM microsoft/windowsservercore
MAINTAINER Trevor Sullivan <>
SHELL ["powershell", "-Command"]
ENV PYTHON_FILE python-3.6.3-amd64.exe
COPY c:/Amazon/
RUN [System.Net.WebClient]::new().DownloadFile($env:PYTHON_DOWNLOAD, ('c:\Amazon\{0}' -f $env:PYTHON_FILE)); \
Set-Location -Path c:\Amazon\; \
Start-Process -Wait -FilePath $env:PYTHON_FILE -ArgumentList '/passive /log python.log'; \
Start-Process -Wait -FilePath py -ArgumentList 'c:/Amazon/';
ENTRYPOINT ["powershell"]
import pip
pip.main(['install', 'boto3'])
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