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Trevor Sullivan pcgeek86

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pcgeek86 / gist:a1fd9d26f8ad46b51adf9513f67b95f2
Last active Oct 22, 2021
Install & test Selenium with Firefox / Gecko driver on headless Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server
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sudo apt update
sudo apt install firefox python3-pip xvfb x11-utils --yes
sudo -H pip3 install bpython selenium
export DISPLAY=:2
Xvfb $DISPLAY -ac &
export GECKO_DRIVER_VERSION='v0.24.0'
tar -xvzf geckodriver-$GECKO_DRIVER_VERSION-linux64.tar.gz
pcgeek86 / cheatsheet.ps1
Last active May 24, 2022
PowerShell Cheat Sheet / Quick Reference
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Get-Command # Retrieves a list of all the commands available to PowerShell
# (native binaries in $env:PATH + cmdlets / functions from PowerShell modules)
Get-Command -Module Microsoft* # Retrieves a list of all the PowerShell commands exported from modules named Microsoft*
Get-Command -Name *item # Retrieves a list of all commands (native binaries + PowerShell commands) ending in "item"
Get-Help # Get all help topics
Get-Help -Name about_Variables # Get help for a specific about_* topic (aka. man page)
Get-Help -Name Get-Command # Get help for a specific PowerShell function
Get-Help -Name Get-Command -Parameter Module # Get help for a specific parameter on a specific command
pcgeek86 /
Last active Oct 17, 2021
Install Balena CLI on Debian / Ubuntu
# Trevor Sullivan <>
export VERSION='v9.12.0'
export FILENAME="balena-cli-$VERSION-linux-x64"
export URL="$VERSION/$"
sudo apt update
sudo apt install httpie unzip --yes
cd $HOME
View gist:c4c48ed7589b3f6ffa2a8e5c05f9c429
# Author: Trevor Sullivan <>
# Install pip3 package manager for Python 3.x
sudo apt install python3-pip --yes
# Upgrade pip3
sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip
pcgeek86 / gist:3842663d784f97c767d6ce57c1b2e41e
Last active Mar 18, 2020
WIP: Install Ultimaker Cura on ChromeOS v71 with Crostini (Linux apps) container support
View gist:3842663d784f97c767d6ce57c1b2e41e
# Trevor Sullivan
# I want to install Ultimaker Cura on ChromeOS, under the Crostini container environment.
# Cura is distributed officially as the Linux AppImage format, not a Debian package.
# Crostini doesn't support AppImage as of December 2018, due to dependency on FUSE, which isn't supported.
# Crostini is compatible with Debian packages.
# There is an Ubuntu Personal Package Archive (PPA) with Debian packages for Cura.
# However, Crostini starts as a Debian Stretch environment.
# The Cura package is only available for Debian Buster.
pcgeek86 /
Last active Apr 21, 2022 — forked from random-robbie/
Install Go Lang on Raspberry Pi
cd $HOME
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xvf $FileName
cat >> ~/.bashrc << 'EOF'
export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=/usr/local/go/bin:$PATH:$GOPATH/bin
source ~/.bashrc
pcgeek86 / AWSStepFunctions-UserOnboarding.json
Created Oct 17, 2018
Very basic AWS Step Functions example for user on-boarding workflow
View AWSStepFunctions-UserOnboarding.json
"StartAt": "HelloWorld",
"States": {
"HelloWorld": {
"Type": "Pass",
"Result": "Hello World!",
"Next": "ITSupport"
"ITSupport": {
"Type": "Parallel",
pcgeek86 / Car Manufacturers.json
Last active May 18, 2022
Plain-text list of major car manufacturers
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"Alfa Romeo",
"Aston Martin",
pcgeek86 / Update-AWSPowerShell-Module.ps1
Created Dec 21, 2017
Blog: Creates a launchd job that updates the AWS PowerShell .NET Core module on a daily basis.
View Update-AWSPowerShell-Module.ps1
This PowerShell script will create and register a new launchd job that keeps the AWSPowerShell.NetCore module
up-to-date on your MacOS system.
If you receive an error upon registration, it's probably just because the service doesn't already exist.
This script tries to unload and reload the service, whether or not it exists, hence the error on initial run.
$PListFile = @'