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Philippe Creux pcreux

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pcreux / Gemfile
Last active Jun 25, 2019
Fast Rails + Heroku Configuration
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group :production do
gem 'unicorn'
# Enable gzip compression on heroku, but don't compress images.
gem 'heroku-deflater'
# Heroku injects it if it's not in there already
gem 'rails_12factor'
pcreux / format_bundle_outdated.rb
Created May 31, 2019
Format 'bundle outdated' into a CSV file ordered by version delta
View format_bundle_outdated.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Run `bundle outdated | format_bundle_outdated`
# to get a CSV file listing the columns below for all outdated gems.
COLUMNS = [ "name", "newest", "installed", "requested", "groups", "delta" ].join(",")
class Version <, :minor, :patch, :beta)
pcreux / sendgrid via curl
Created Sep 27, 2013
Send email via the command line with sendgrid. Get notified when a long running script is done on a remote server.
View sendgrid via curl
curl ""
pcreux /
Created Feb 18, 2013
Github Commit Status API with Bamboo from Atlassian. Add those to your plan as Script.
# specs and cukes results are stored in JUnit format under test-reports
if (grep 'failures="[^0]"' test-reports/* || grep 'errors="[^0]"' test-reports/*); then
curl -H "Authorization: token MY_TOKEN" --request POST --data '{"state": "failure", "description": "Failed!", "target_url": "${bamboo.buildResultsUrl}"}'${bamboo.repository.revision.number} > /dev/null
curl -H "Authorization: token MY_TOKEN" --request POST --data '{"state": "success", "description": "Success!", "target_url": "${bamboo.buildResultsUrl}"}'${bamboo.repository.revision.number} > /dev/null
pcreux /
Last active Dec 21, 2018
Gourmet Service Objects - Lightning Talk - - Feb 27, 2014

Gourmet Service objects


 Feb 27, 2014
pcreux / Jabber-SH
Created Dec 17, 2009
Jabber-SH — SH console via XMPP/Jabber (GTalk) Jabber-SH allows to you to administrate a remote computer via a command line through a Jabber client. It’s like SSH via GoogleTalk! :)
View Jabber-SH
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Jabber-SH — SH console via XMPP/Jabber (GTalk)
# Jabber-SH allows you to administrate a remote computer via a command line
# through a Jabber client. It’s like SSH via GoogleTalk! :)
# This is just a hack but it might be usefull sometime to run basic commands
# on a machine that is not accessible via ssh.
# Philippe Creux. pcreux/AT/gmail/DOT/com
pcreux / pipable.rb
Last active Jun 12, 2018
*nix has pipes, Elixir has pipes, Ruby deserves pipes.
View pipable.rb
# Elixir has pipes `|>`. Let's try to implement those in Ruby.
# I want to write this:
# email.body | RemoveSignature | HighlightMentions | :html_safe
# instead of:
pcreux / 000 Oh no conditionals!.png
Last active Jun 6, 2018
Turning imperative conditionals into declarative rules
pcreux /
Last active May 14, 2018
Robust Rails Apps - VanRuby - March 29, 2017

Robust Rails Apps

Philippe Creux - @pcreux

#vanruby - March 29th, 2017

pcreux / convert-to-ipad.rb
Last active May 3, 2018
ffmpeg - avi to mp4 - iPad
View convert-to-ipad.rb
# ruby convert-to-ipad.rb video1.avi video2.avi video3.avi
# Prereq: brew install ffmpeg
ARGV.each do |input_file|
output_file = input_file.gsub('.avi', '.ipad.mp4')
cmd = "ffmpeg -i #{input_file} -acodec aac -ac 2 -strict experimental -ab 160k -s 1024x768 -vcodec libx264 -preset slow -profile:v baseline -level 30 -maxrate 10000000 -bufsize 10000000 -b 1200k -f mp4 -threads 0 #{output_file}"
puts cmd
system cmd
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