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Those are my changes to Sir Trevor Editor Uploader, to allow me to upload the files directly to Amazon S3. It's just an experiment, so it's still a little messy, but it's working.
# As we cant make Secret Access Key open, this method generates a signature that will allow the user to upload this
# file specifically
def sign_s3
bucket_name = 'mailee-images'
original_name = params['file_name']
original_extension = original_name.split('.').last
mime_type = params['file_type']
object_name ='.','') + '.' + original_extension
#TODO return unless mime_type is valid
date =|:/,'')
amazon_headers = ["x-amz-acl:public-read","x-amz-date:#{date}"] # set the public read permission on the uploaded file
string_to_sign = "PUT\n\n#{mime_type}\n\n#{amazon_headers[0]}\n#{amazon_headers[1]}\n/#{bucket_name}/#{}/#{object_name}";
signature = Base64.strict_encode64(OpenSSL::HMAC.digest('sha1', APP_CONFIG['aws_secret_access_key'], string_to_sign))
path = "{bucket_name}/#{}/#{object_name}"
r = {
signature: "AWS #{APP_CONFIG['aws_access_key_id']}:#{signature}",
date: date,
url: path,
render json: r
#* Sir Trevor Uploader
#* Generic Upload implementation that can be extended for blocks
#* modified by @pedroaxl to upload directly to S3
SirTrevor.fileUploader = (block, file, success, error) ->
SirTrevor.EventBus.trigger "onUploadStart"
uid = [block.blockID, (new Date()).getTime(), "raw"].join("-")
callbackSuccess = (data, textStatus, jqXHR) ->
SirTrevor.log "Upload callback called"
SirTrevor.EventBus.trigger "onUploadStop"
# once the PUT response from Amazon comes empty, I had to change this line to include the url
_.bind(success, block) {file: this.url} if not _.isUndefined(success) and _.isFunction(success)
callbackError = (jqXHR, status, errorThrown) ->
SirTrevor.log "Upload callback error called"
SirTrevor.EventBus.trigger "onUploadStop"
_.bind(error, block) status if not _.isUndefined(error) and _.isFunction(error)
url: '/config/sign_s3'
# before sending to Amazon using PUT, it makes a req to get the signature that will allow the upload
data: {
file_type: file.type
type: 'GET'
error: callbackError
success: (data, textStatus, jqXHR) ->
xhr = $.ajax(
url: data.url
contentType: file.type
crossDomain: true
data: file
processData: false
headers: {
'Content-MD5': file.md5
'Authorization': data.signature
'x-amz-acl': 'public-read' # set the public read permission on the uploaded file
type: "PUT"
success: callbackSuccess
block.addQueuedItem uid, xhr
xhr.done(callbackSuccess).fail(callbackError).always _.bind(block.removeQueuedItem, block, uid)
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