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;; xercise 1 - Cellular Automaton - Cellular automata are fun and fairly easy to implement.
;; In this exercise you will build Conway's Game of Life in Clojure with a Swing GUI.
;; Kudos For Oregu (author).
(ns life
(:import (javax.swing JFrame JPanel JButton JTextArea JLabel SwingUtilities JScrollPane WindowConstants)
(java.awt Graphics BorderLayout FlowLayout Color Dimension)
(java.awt.event MouseListener ActionListener MouseEvent MouseAdapter))
(:use [clojure.contrib.seq-utils :only (flatten)]))
;; World - board and aquares
(def *board-size* 5)
(def *square-size* 20)
(def *board* (ref (vec (repeat *board-size*
(vec (repeat *board-size* false))))))
(defn get-square
([row col] (get-square @*board* row col))
([board row col] (get-in board [row col])))
(defn draw-board-square [#^Graphics g x y w h vl]
(doto g
(.setColor (if vl Color/BLACK Color/LIGHT_GRAY))
(.fillRect x y w h)))
(defn draw-board [#^Graphics g w h]
(let [sq-size *square-size*
sqw sq-size
sqh sq-size
rect-size (* (dec *board-size*) sq-size)]
(doto g
(.setColor Color/BLACK)
(.drawRect 0 0 rect-size rect-size))
(doseq [row (range *board-size*)
col (range *board-size*)]
(let [sqx (* col sq-size)
sqy (* row sq-size)]
(draw-board-square g sqx sqy sqw sqh (get-square row col))))))
(defn render [#^Graphics g w h]
(doto g
(.setColor Color/WHITE)
(.fillRect 0 0 w h))
(draw-board g w h))
(defn from-coords [x y]
[(quot y *square-size*) (quot x *square-size*)])
(defn toggle-square [row col]
(let [vl (get-square row col)]
(alter *board* assoc-in [row col] (not vl)))))
;; That is Life is all about
(defn map-2d [fun arr]
(let [rows (count arr)
cols (count (get arr 0))]
(loop [r 0, c 0, res arr]
(if (= r rows)
(if (= c cols)
(recur (inc r) 0 res)
(recur r (inc c) (assoc-in res [r c] (fun arr r c))))))))
(defn subgrid
"x & y are top left coords, x+ & y+ are spans.
Author: Michał Marczyk"
[g x y x+ y+]
(let [x-to (min (+ x x+) (count (g 0)))
y-to (min (+ y y+) (count g))
x-from (max 0 x)
y-from (max 0 y)]
(map #(subvec % x-from x-to)
(subvec g y-from y-to)))))
(defn neighbours [board row col]
(-> board
(subgrid (dec col) (dec row) 3 3)
; Here should be code do discount (row, col) square (it's not neighbour - it is myself)
(defn count-neighbours [board row col]
(count (filter true? (neighbours board row col))))
(defn gen-cell [board row col]
(let [nc (count-neighbours board row col)
me (get-square board row col)]
(and (not me) (= nc 3)) true
(and me (or (= nc 2) (= nc 3))) true
true false)))
(defn next-generation [board]
(map-2d gen-cell board))
(defn make-step []
(alter *board* next-generation)))
(def text-area (JTextArea. "Trace console\n"))
;; Simulation Routines
(def *is-running* (atom false))
(defn create-simulator [panel]
(. text-area append (str "Started simulation thread\n"))
(while true (do
(while (not @*is-running*) (Thread/sleep 100))
(.repaint panel)
(Thread/sleep 600))))))
(defn start-simulation []
(.append text-area "Start simulation\n")
(reset! *is-running* true))
(defn stop-simulation []
(.append text-area "Stop simulation\n")
(reset! *is-running* false))
;; UI
(defmacro on-action [comp event & body]
`(.addActionListener ~comp
(proxy [java.awt.event.ActionListener] []
(actionPerformed [~event] ~@body))))
(defn mouse-listener []
(proxy [MouseAdapter] []
(mouseClicked [#^MouseEvent e]
(let [x (.getX e)
y (.getY e)
[row col] (from-coords x y)]
(toggle-square row col)
(-> e .getComponent .repaint)))))
(defn create-board []
(let [board-panel (proxy [JPanel] []
(paintComponent [g]
(proxy-super paintComponent g)
(render g
(.getWidth this)
(.getHeight this))))
simula (create-simulator board-panel)]
(.start simula)
(doto board-panel
(.addMouseListener (mouse-listener)))))
(defn create-panel []
(let [pane (JPanel. (BorderLayout.))
button-panel (JPanel. (FlowLayout.))
board-panel (create-board)
trace-panel (JScrollPane. text-area)
start-button (JButton. "Live!")
stop-button (JButton. "Die!")]
(on-action start-button e (start-simulation))
(on-action stop-button e (stop-simulation))
(doto button-panel
(.add start-button)
(.add stop-button))
(doto trace-panel
(.setPreferredSize (Dimension. 500 50)))
(doto pane
(.setOpaque true)
(.add button-panel BorderLayout/PAGE_START)
(.add board-panel BorderLayout/CENTER)
(.add trace-panel BorderLayout/PAGE_END))))
(defn create-frame []
(doto (JFrame. "Life Exersice")
(.setContentPane (create-panel))
(.setSize 750 850)
(.setVisible true)
(.setDefaultCloseOperation WindowConstants/DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE)))
(defn run-life []
(proxy [Runnable] []
(run []
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