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jupyter lab


I took the same steps as I did a week or two ago to stand up the new notebook code (see jupyter-js-plugins README Thankfully, the webpack build problems I saw went away. Everything more or less installs cleanly now.

To run the sample notebook, follow the install instructions and browse to http://localhost:8765/ A demo can be found on the notebook PR Still no kernel / comms, only client-side UI, so not much to integrate with. There's a file browser widget, a notebook which uses a markdown parser and codemirror but as of yet no toolbar or editing. Everything is a pwidget based off phosphor, and code is written in typescript.

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module.exports = function(baseUrl, optimize, fileList) {
var fileMap = {};
//probably should do a regexp match rather than pass in a list?
fileList.forEach(function (file) {
fileMap[file] = true;
var requireJS = require('requirejs');
return function(req, res, next) {
var file = fileMap[req.path];
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dependencies = {
// releaseDir: "/path/to/releaseDir",
stripConsole: "normal",
action: "release",
layers: [
name: "dojo.js",
dependencies: [
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