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import as ccrs
import matplotlib.animation as animation
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
ax = plt.axes(projection=ccrs.Robinson())
ny_lon, ny_lat = -75, 43
delhi_lon, delhi_lat = 77.23, 28.61
[line] = plt.plot([ny_lon, delhi_lon], [ny_lat, delhi_lat],
color='blue', linewidth=2, marker='o',
t_path = line._get_transformed_path()
path_in_data_coords, _ = t_path.get_transformed_path_and_affine()
# Draw the point that we want to animate.
[point] = plt.plot(ny_lon, ny_lat, marker='o', transform=ax.projection)
def animate_point(i):
verts = path_in_data_coords.vertices
i = i % verts.shape[0]
# Set the coordinates of the line to the coordinate of the path.
point.set_data(verts[i, 0], verts[i, 1])
ani = animation.FuncAnimation(
ax.figure, animate_point,
frames= path_in_data_coords.vertices.shape[0],
interval=125, repeat=True)'point_ani.gif', writer='imagemagick')
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