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Lazy sorting implementations in Clojure
(ns lazy-sort)
(defn qsort [[head & tail]]
(when head
(lazy-cat (qsort (filter #(< % head) tail))
(qsort (remove #(< % head) tail)))))
(defn merge*
[[f1 & r1 :as l1] [f2 & r2 :as l2]]
(nil? f1) l2
(nil? f2) l1
(<= f1 f2) (lazy-seq (cons f1 (merge* r1 l2)))
(> f1 f2) (lazy-seq (cons f2 (merge* l1 r2)))))
(defn msort [s]
(if (next s)
(let [[left right] (split-at (/ (count s) 2) s)]
(merge* (msort left) (msort right)))
(defn hsort [s]
(let [heap (java.util.concurrent.PriorityBlockingQueue. s)]
(repeatedly (count s) #(.take heap))))
(defn insert [^java.util.LinkedList s x]
(let [i (.listIterator s (.size s))]
(while (and (.hasPrevious i) (> (.previous i) x)))
(.add i x)
(defn isort [s] ; not lazy
(seq (reduce insert (java.util.LinkedList.) s)))
(defn treeduce [f s]
(loop [s (partition-all 2 s)]
(let [s (map (fn [[x y]] (f x y)) s)]
(if (< 1 (count s))
(recur (partition-all 2 s))
(first s)))))
(defn tsort [s] ; naive
(treeduce merge* (map isort (partition-all 128 s))))
(defn speed []
(doseq [s [#'sort #'qsort #'msort #'hsort #'isort #'tsort]
:let [sort (var-get s)]]
(print "all " s "")
(time (dotimes [_ 100] (dorun (sort (shuffle (range 1000))))))
(print "sorted" s "")
(time (dotimes [_ 100] (dorun (sort (range 1000)))))
(print "first " s "")
(time (dotimes [_ 100] (first (sort (shuffle (range 1000))))))))
all #'clojure.core/sort "Elapsed time: 67.987 msecs"
sorted #'clojure.core/sort "Elapsed time: 22.214 msecs"
first #'clojure.core/sort "Elapsed time: 56.249 msecs"
all #'test/qsort "Elapsed time: 717.93 msecs"
sorted #'test/qsort "Elapsed time: 12388.316 msecs"
first #'test/qsort "Elapsed time: 30.976 msecs"
all #'test/msort "Elapsed time: 1317.334 msecs"
sorted #'test/msort "Elapsed time: 945.077 msecs"
first #'test/msort "Elapsed time: 708.803 msecs"
all #'test/hsort "Elapsed time: 83.909 msecs"
sorted #'test/hsort "Elapsed time: 75.235 msecs"
first #'test/hsort "Elapsed time: 28.91 msecs"
all #'test/isort "Elapsed time: 140.147 msecs"
sorted #'test/isort "Elapsed time: 23.097 msecs"
first #'test/isort "Elapsed time: 110.453 msecs"
all #'test/tsort "Elapsed time: 310.026 msecs"
sorted #'test/tsort "Elapsed time: 187.124 msecs"
first #'test/tsort "Elapsed time: 72.164 msecs"
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