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GSoC 2020 project Final Submission

GSoC 2020 Final Submission

Organization: Apache Software Foundation

Project Name: Strengthen/Harden Fineract 1.x

Mentors: Awasum Yannick and Sanyam Goel

Student: Percy Ayuk Ashu Enoabane

Project Overview

Apache Fineract has a very large code base and currently lacks a code analyser to discover bugs which are otherwise hard to find manually. It also currently makes use of Date and Joda time API which has been integrated into Java 8 as java.time and the former depreciated. Coverage is another feature which will be a great addition to Fineract 1.x.

In the course of this project Error Prone was introduced and its important checks enforce to strenghten Fineract 1.x and migration from joda time to java time was carried out.

Project Objectives

  • Integrate Error Prone and enforce relevant checks : COMPLETED MERGED
  • Completely migrate to Java time from Joda : COMPLETED UNMERGED
  • Measuring Coverage : UNCOMPLETED

Pull Requests Made for Error Prone

Pull Requests Made for Java time migration

Work for measuring Coverage

Additional Contributions made during GSoC

Future work

Work to be done after GSoC.

Complete work on measuring coverage

Address work on classes used for test to ensure coverage is measured.

Completely remove Date Api

Date Api is obsolete and must replaced completely by Java Time.

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