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Created November 17, 2023 19:44
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gt submit
🥞 Validating that this Graphite stack is ready to submit...
✏️ Preparing to submit PRs for the following branches...
▸ 11-17-_first_This_is_my_first_stack (Create)
✔ Title … [first] This is my first stack
✔ Body › Skip (leave empty)
✔ Submit › Publish Pull Request
▸ 11-17-Second_commit (Create)
✔ Title … Second commit
✔ Detected a PR body that hasn't yet been submitted, use it? … yes
✔ Body › Skip (use body from aborted submit)
✔ Submit › Publish Pull Request
📨 Pushing to remote and creating/updating PRs...
ERROR: Failed to submit PR for 11-17-_first_This_is_my_first_stack: Graphite encountered a 404 Not Found error when trying to submit your PR to GitHub.
This may be due to an issue with the inferred owner and name of your repository or an authentication problem.
You can check and override the inferred owner and name in `gt config` (`gt repo owner` and `gt repo name` if you have not yet upgraded to v1).
If that does not solve your problem, check if you can see this repository in the Graphite web dashboard: -- if it's missing, you may need to adjust your authentication settings.
See this page for more details:
Still not working? Don't hesitate to reach out on our Community Slack server at
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