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António P. P. Almeida perusio

  • Perusio LLC & UP42
  • Berlin, Germany
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perusio / hook-views-api-skel.el
Created Jan 1, 2011
A Emacs Lisp skeleton for inserting a hook_views_api
View hook-views-api-skel.el
(define-skeleton hook-views-api-skel
"Inserts a hook_views_api template in the current buffer."
> "/**" \n
> -2 "* Implementation of hook_views_api().\n"
> "*/" \n
> "function " (setq v1 (skeleton-read "Module name: ")) "_views_api() {" \n
> "return array(" \n
> "'api' => " (setq v2 (skeleton-read "API version: ")) | "2" "," \n
> "'path' => drupal_get_path('module', '" v1 "') . " (setq v2 (skeleton-read "Path: ")) | "'/includes/views'" "," \n
perusio / gist:1034475
Created Jun 19, 2011
How to prevent accidental iconification in Emacs
View gist:1034475
;;; This is taken from planet Emacsen:
;;; I've added a check to see if we're on a graphic environment.
;;; Prevent acidental iconify/suspend.
(when (window-system)
(defun smart-iconify-or-deiconify-frame ()
"Present a confirmation before suspending/iconifying."
(if (yes-or-no-p (format "Are you sure you want to iconify/deiconify Emacs? "))
perusio / local-kernel
Created Jun 20, 2011
Logcheck ignore rules for synaptics touchpad synchronization issues
View local-kernel
kernel: \[[[:digit:]]+\.[[:digit:]]+\] psmouse\.c: TouchPad at isa[[:digit:]]+/serio[[:digit:]]/input[[:digit:]] lost sync.*
kernel: \[[[:digit:]]+\.[[:digit:]]+\] psmouse\.c: issuing reconnect request
kernel: \[[[:digit:]]+\.[[:digit:]]+\] psmouse\.c: TouchPad at isa[[:digit:]]+/serio[[:digit:]]/input[[:digit:]] - driver resynched
perusio / gist:1043907
Created Jun 23, 2011
How to whitelist file extensions in Nginx
View gist:1043907
## This should be the first location in yout config.
location ~* \.(?:gif|html|jpe?g|png|ico|js|css|flv|swf|pdf|xml)$ {
# serve static files
# Put all other locations below
location / {
(...) # more stuff
perusio / gist:1071894
Created Jul 8, 2011
How to have your files always tidy: no trailing spaces, no tabs and properly indented on emacs
View gist:1071894
;;; Clean up the current buffer: indent it, remove tabs and delete the
;;; trailing whitespace.
(defun tidy-up-buffer ()
" Do a cleanup of the current buffer: tabs, spaces and indent
perusio / gist:1087950
Created Jul 17, 2011
Adding ronn to the emacs auto-mode-alist for enabling markdown-mode as the major-mode
View gist:1087950
;;; This is to enable ronn files to be treated as markdown files.
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.ronn$" . markdown-mode))
perusio / gist:1154002
Created Aug 18, 2011
My ~/.config/lxterminal/lxterminal.conf with solarized colors
View gist:1154002
fontname=Terminus 9
perusio /
Created Aug 20, 2011
Apache Killer by KingCope exploits mod_deflate vulnerability
#Apache httpd Remote Denial of Service (memory exhaustion)
#By Kingcope
#Year 2011
# Will result in swapping memory to filesystem on the remote side
# plus killing of processes when running out of swap space.
# Remote System becomes unstable.
use IO::Socket;
perusio / gist:1259095
Created Oct 3, 2011
SSL configuration for fixing BEAST SSL vulnerability
View gist:1259095
## BEAST SSL vuln server side workaround.
## This will break IE6 and below SSL handling. Works in all other browsers. Grabbed from:
ssl_ciphers RC4:HIGH:!aNULL:!MD5;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;
perusio / gist:1290446
Created Oct 16, 2011
Example microcache configuration
View gist:1290446
## Declare cache zone.
fastcgi_cache_path /opt/local/var/cache/nginx levels=1:2 keys_zone=microcache:5m max_size=1G;
map $http_cookie $no_cache {
default 0;
~_mcnc 1;
server {
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