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The workshop is for AWS (2017.11.17)

AWS cloud Introduction

  • AWS uses the server cluster to help the users building the high availability architecture.
  • AWS keeps adding the features and driven.
  • AWS will make your service strong for the cloud security.
  • The users can take most if time to do the other work through the AWS cloud and reduce the time of building architecture.
  • AWS has the machine learning service and the service will not be train data. It can also use this directly. It includes image recognization, machine learning, face comparison and sound recognization.
  • AWS has the Alexa Voice service, Alexa Skills Kit(ASK).
  • AWS server migration service and AWS database migration service are convenient to help users import the exsited service to AWS.
  • sales representative:

AWS workshop-1 AWS EC2

  • EC2=CPU+memory (computing source)
  • it's virtual and scalability.
  • virtual servers hosted.
  • Amazon EC2 is Elastic
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
  • scale up and scale down. (把原來機器資源增大)
  • scale in and out. (把原來的機器擴充到多台)最多Max: 20台機器要再多,可以申請。

Amazon EC2 Instance Types

  • Micro
  • General Purpose
  • Compute Optimized
  • Storage Optimized
  • ...

Amazon VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)

  • Subnets(public and private) 畫出虛擬網段,才可以將機器放入
  • Route Tables
  • Security Groups
  • Network ACLs
  • Control if and how your instances access the Internet.

Amazon EBS

  • like storage(hard disk)
  • like the file systems to be the storage.

Amazon S3

  • like the object storage
  • Store anything 1 byte to 5TB size
  • Scalable
  • Performance
  • buckets and objects
  • hosting static content for a website(upload the file and generate the sharing link)

ASW database options/Amazon RDS

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL server, MariaDB, Aurora(free license).

Administration & Security

  • CloudWatch Alarms And Actions

Application Services (SNS)

  • It can push the notifications(Publisher) to the end-user(e-mail, HTTP/s, SQS, SMS and Lambda)/(Subscriber).

Building the MySQL steps

  • AWS region
  • VPC
  • Subnet
  • EC2/RDS
  • CloudWatch
  • RDS
  • SNS
  • S3
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