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Error being returned from Mongohq on attempting to initiate a connection to db instance. The link to the db instance from nodejitsu is: mongodb://
[06/26 13:32:42 GMT+0100] VERBOSE pool mongodb - createResource() - creating obj - count=1 min=0 max=40
[06/26 13:32:42 GMT+0100] INFO pool mongodb - dispense() clients=1 available=0
[06/26 13:32:43 GMT+0100] Error: connection closed - on line 25 of server.js

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peterbrowse commented Jun 26, 2013

Please see heading intro


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julianduque commented Jul 10, 2013

Hello @peterbrowse, this was the reply from MongoHQ Support

Ian Hansen (MongoHQ)
Jul 10 05:15 pm (CDT)

Hey Julian,

I spend my days in NodeJS. I'd be very interested to see what version of the node driver they are using. I've been fighting driver issues specifically with connection pooling for a while, but the latest release (since 1.3.7) seems to be working well.

I haven't used common-pool, but I've used (which seems to be a more up-to-date version of the common-pool that I found).

I've been able to step away completely from common-pool and use the pooling built into the driver now.

Best regards,

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