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Hello there! This is a sample post for, a super-lightweight writing soapbox for hackers.

Now look up. Further. Above the post title. See that grey text with the gist ID?

Now back to me. That grey text is a link! Open that sucker in a new tab to see the source for this post. Also, I'm on a horse.

This is a SUPER major heading

If you peek at it with a web inspector, you'll see that it is a second-level heading. You can use first level headings, but they'll look just like the second level ones, and the gods of the HTML5 outlining algorithm will frown upon you.

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>>> foo = { 'a': 1, 'b': 2 }
>>> foo.update({'b': 444444, 'c': 3});
>>> foo
{'a': 1, 'c': 3, 'b': 444444}
>>> dict(bar='baz', **foo)
{'a': 1, 'c': 3, 'b': 444444, 'bar': 'baz'}