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How to add datepicker to jQueryBuilder in ReactJS
// important point is that the datepicker is not jQueryBuilder's plugin, but jquery-ui plugin being injected into jquery ($).
// order of imports matters -- the datepicker plugin is injected automatically into jquery and then automatically adopted by jQueryBuilder
import $ from 'jquery';
import datepicker from 'jquery-datepicker'; //
import jQueryBuilder from 'jQuery-QueryBuilder'; //
// this is how we initialize the query builder
filters: [{
id: 'date',
label: 'Datepicker',
type: 'date',
validation: {
format: 'YYYY/MM/DD'
plugin: 'datepicker',
plugin_config: {
format: 'yyyy/mm/dd',
todayBtn: 'linked',
todayHighlight: true,
autoclose: true
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