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pettomartino / gist:6425ede3460758b3e54d
Created September 25, 2014 00:12
Packer log error with parallels
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petto@mac ~/dev/bento/packer (master●)$ packer build --only=parallels-iso debian-7.6-amd64.json [ruby-2.1.1]
parallels-iso output will be in this color.
==> parallels-iso: Downloading or copying ISO
parallels-iso: Downloading or copying:
==> parallels-iso: Starting HTTP server on port 8081
==> parallels-iso: Creating virtual machine...
==> parallels-iso: Executing: prlctl [create packer-debian-7.6-amd64 --distribution debian --dst packer-debian-7.6-amd64-parallels --vmtype vm]
==> parallels-iso: Executing: prlctl [set packer-debian-7.6-amd64 --cpus 1]
==> parallels-iso: Executing: prlctl [set packer-debian-7.6-amd64 --memsize 512]
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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Web.Mvc;
namespace NerdDinner.Models
public partial class Dinner
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from bottle import route, run, view
def index():
return "<a href='/hello'>Go to Hello World page</a>"
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{u'noite': [[u'MACRO_CITY:1', u'sao_paulo'], [u'MACRO_CITY:39', u'belo_horizonte'], [u'MACRO_CITY:41', u'porto_alegre'], [u'MACRO_CITY:36', u'rio_de_janeiro']], u'shows': [[u'MACRO_CITY:36', u'rio_de_janeiro'], [u'MACRO_CITY:1', u'sao_paulo'], [u'MACRO_CITY:41', u'porto_alegre'], [u'MACRO_CITY:39', u'belo_horizonte']], u'turismo': [[u'MACRO_CITY:1', u'sao_paulo'], [u'MACRO_CITY:39', u'belo_horizonte'], [u'MACRO_CITY:41', u'porto_alegre'], [u'MACRO_CITY:36', u'rio_de_janeiro']], u'cinema': [[u'MACRO_CITY:39', u'belo_horizonte'], [u'MACRO_CITY:41', u'porto_alegre'], [u'MACRO_CITY:36', u'rio_de_janeiro'], [u'MACRO_CITY:1', u'sao_paulo']]}
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var allJs = document.getElementsByTagName('script'),
lastJs = allJs[allJs.length-1],
logoJs = document.createElement('script');
logoJs.src = '';
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var cursor = db.places.find();
while (cursor.hasNext()) {
var x =;
x['source']['url'].replace('aaa', 'bbb'); // is this correct?{_id : x._id}, x);
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class MockPromise {
then(fn) {
this.thenFn = fn
return this
catch(fn) {
this.catchFn = fn
return this
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.setValue('.input-text', email)
.setValue('input.input-text[type=password]', password)
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.setValue('input[placeholder=E-mail]', email)
.setValue('input[placeholder=Password]', password)
.expect.element("//*[text()='John Doe']")
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function myFunc() {
var email = document.getElementById("email").value
var e = document.getElementById("select")
var selectedOption = e.options[e.selectedIndex].value
var checkBox = document.getElementById('defaultCheck1').checked
if (email == 'foo@bar' && checkBox && selectedOption == "audi") {