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"bot_id": "test-address-bot",
"title": "My simple bot",
"description": "This is a simple bot",
"language": "ruby",
"data_type": "address",
"files": [
"frequency": "monthly",
"publisher": {
"name": "Publisher of the data",
"url": "Publisher's website",
"terms": "Copyright terms (e.g. Open Government License, n/a, etc)",
"terms_url": "A place where these terms can be checked or verified"
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
require 'json'
require 'turbotlib'
Turbotlib.log("Starting run...") # optional debug logging
(1...30).each do |n|
data = {
"saon" => "",
"paon" => n.to_s,
"street" => "Southlands Drive",
"locality" => "Timsbury",
"town" => "Bath",
"postcode" => "BA2 0HB"
# The Turbot specification simply requires us to output lines of JSON
puts JSON.dump(data)
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