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numbers2latex table converter
-- Numbers to LaTeX converter
-- this small AppleScript takes the first table in the first sheet of the first
-- Numbers document and turns it into a LaTeX table (well, sort of).
-- It will be copied to the clipboard.
-- This is a 5-minute quick hack and mostly unsupported, but if you like it or
-- if you have any enhancements (not feature request :-)), plese send them to
-- gundlach <at>
tell application "Numbers"
tell document 1
set current_table to table 1 of sheet 1
set current_table_string to ""
tell current_table
repeat with current_row from 1 to row count
set current_row_string to ""
repeat with current_column from 1 to column count
set current_cell to cell current_column of row current_row
-- log name of current_cell as text
-- log format of range "A1" as text
set this_value to value of current_cell as integer
on error
set this_value to value of current_cell as text
end try
if current_column < 2 then
set current_row_string to this_value as text
set current_row_string to current_row_string & " & " & this_value as text
end if
set current_column to (current_column + 1)
end repeat
set current_table_string to current_table_string & current_row_string & " \\\\
set current_row to (current_row + 1)
end repeat
end tell
set the clipboard to current_table_string
display dialog "Copied table to clipboard"
end tell
end tell
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