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Last active Mar 19, 2021
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bulk download Archive-It WARC files


If you fill in the correct credentials at the top of the script, it will: write the Archive-It API data to a JSON file, write the WARC URLs to a separate text file, download the first ten WARCs, rename them (removing a long ".tmp" extension), and write the downloaded URLs to a separate text file.

Wanted to use the (deprecated) gdrive tool but when I go to run it for the first time Google blocks it from accessing my account.

#!/usr/bin/env fish
set USER username
set PASS password
set COLLECTION 123456
set JSONFILE data.json
set URLSFILE urls.txt
set DONEFILE done.txt
set LIMIT 8
# download JSON data from WASAPI then write all WARC URLs to file
if test ! -f $JSONFILE
jq -r .files[].locations[0] $JSONFILE > $URLSFILE
# go through them $LIMIT at a time, save finished URLs to done.txt
for INDEX in (seq 1 $LIMIT)
set_color --bold red
echo "Downloading file $INDEX out of $LIMIT"
set URL (head -n 1 $URLSFILE)
echo -e $URL '\n'
set_color normal
wget --http-user=$USER --http-password=$PASS --accept txt,gz $URL
if [ $status -eq 0 ]
# "cut" first line of URLSFILE to DONEFILE
echo $URL >> done.txt
rename -v 's/\?.*tmp//' *.tmp
sed -i '.bak' '1d' $URLSFILE
echo -e 'Error downloading\n$URL'
exit 1
set_color --bold red
echo -e "\nProgress:"
wc -l $URLSFILE && wc -l $DONEFILE
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