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Created Sep 1, 2017
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SELECT match_key, red_score, blue_score, red_teams, blue_teams
SELECT as match_key, team_key_names,
JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(alliances_json, '$.red.score') as red_score,
JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(alliances_json, '$.blue.score') as blue_score,
REGEXP_EXTRACT_ALL(JSON_EXTRACT(alliances_json, '$.red.teams'), '"(frc[0-9]+)"') AS red_teams,
REGEXP_EXTRACT_ALL(JSON_EXTRACT(alliances_json, '$.blue.teams'), '"(frc[0-9]+)"') AS blue_teams
FROM `tbatv-prod-hrd.the_blue_alliance.match`
WHERE 'frc971' IN UNNEST(team_key_names) AND 'frc254' IN UNNEST(team_key_names))
WHERE 'frc971' IN UNNEST(red_teams) AND 'frc254' IN UNNEST(blue_teams)
OR 'frc971' IN UNNEST(blue_teams) AND 'frc254' IN UNNEST(red_teams)
ORDER BY match_key
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