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Install Gremlin on SUSE 12
sudo zypper update \
&& sudo zypper addrepo \
&& sudo zypper refresh \
&& curl -fsSL | xargs -0 printf "%s\n" > gremlin-pgp-public.key \
&& sudo rpm --import gremlin-pgp-public.key \
&& sudo zypper install libcap-progs \
&& sudo zypper install gremlin gremlind \
&& sed -e "\$aSSL_CERT_FILE=/etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem" /etc/default/gremlind.example \
| sudo tee /etc/default/gremlind >/dev/null \
&& sudo systemctl restart gremlind

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@Coding-Badly Coding-Badly commented Oct 1, 2020

Is libcap-progs still needed?

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